Handmade Raw Healing Crystal Jewelry

Fall in love with the earthy look of our raw healing crystal jewelry

Earthy ~ Elemental ~ Alluring

You’ll love the way you look and feel while wearing our alluring raw crystal jewelry. It adds just a touch of mystique to your outfit and fills your aura with the healing energy of the stone you choose.

Show off your simply earthy style with our crystal healing  jewelry.

Right now we carry amethyst, citrine, and hand-dug clear quartz crystal. Hot Springs Arkansas has amazing crystal deposits and their clear quartz is some of the finest in the world.

I personally go and dig the clear quartz I use in my crystal jewelry, therefore, you can feel the amazing earth energy that radiates from them.

The citrine and amethyst come from ethically sourced mines in Brazil and also have a wonderful healing energy to them.

Do you feel the creative pull of the citrine, the clarifying energy of the amethyst or the clearing, cleansing & healing energy of clear quartz crystal?

Let your intuition guide you 🙂

Fall in love with raw

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